Give Advanced Protection To Your Skin From The Sun

Introducing Raaga Professional’s Sunscreen SPF 15 & 30.

In this modern age every skin needs protection from dirt, pollution and sun. The challenge is to give the needed protection to so many different skin types. The unique formula helps to skin lightening and protection for all skin types.

Raaga Sunscreen SPF 15 & 30 is a complete solution to all sun damage problems like skin darkening due to UV rays, sun tanning, burning, UV spot, photo aging etc.

Formulated with proven technology and UVA, UVB composition the lotion permeates into your skin the right way, thereby helping to reduce free radical generation due to UV radiation. This makes your skin feel soft and smooth every day.

Raaga Sunscreen lotions are specially designed sweat resistant formula which

  • Helps prevent skin darkening primarily by protecting skin against UV rays and also use ingredients which are known for their melanin reduction property.
  • Acts gently on the skin to moisturize, nourish and helps to give soft & even toned look to the skin

The product is proven to be safe and dermatologically certified. The formula does not contain harmful skin whitening agents like mercury and hydroquinone, bleaching agents etc.

Salient features
– Waterproof
– Moisturizes Skin
– Light Feel
– Great for Everyday Wear